Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I no i never write in but i do check in. I have really been working on getting my house under control and trying really hard to loose weight and of course sewing.
Im not sure that I had told you about my stars dress but i made this awsome dress out of a wonderful blue stretch material with stars all over it and I thought it was a little to dressy for everday wear and i almost never get out so I hadnt worn it yet and while the motorcycle jamboree was going on my husband and I got a babysitter and went so I wore my starts dress and I was soooo loving it and while I was there a girl actually stoped me to tell me she liked my dress!!!!! Can u believe someone I dont no going out of their way to comment on a dress I made!!!! I loved it!!!!
As for the losing weight thing I dont think you no this about me but Im fat! I try really hard and its next to immpossible for me to lose weight. I try to work out on a regular basis and I have a membership at a local hotel that has a gym and a pool. Its great but its not really like i can take the boys to workout only to swim so I dont get to work out there that often and my house is tiny so fitting exercise equipment in is almost impossible but i just got a gazelle and im excited about that so cheer me on im still workin on it!!
Oh and speaking of losing weight I love to bake!!!LOL and I have been making some awsome things mostly because i have been reading the desserts section on craftsters.org. So I made home made cookies that taste just like carmel delights from girl scouts and some peanut butter sandwich cookies also lemon bars and all were soooo good but ya me I didnt over do it i stuck to small portions at least so far !!!LOL (I will try to get some pics of some stuff up here)
Oh and craftsters new challenge is bed sheet get up and I have many ideas but I dont think any are unique enough I have some sheets with plans of what to do with them but like I said I dont think any are good enough. I was talking to my mom about it and she said most people dont wear sheets so my ideas would be good but shes never been on craftsters LOL!!! The people on there are soooo creative!!!! Well thanks sooo much for listening to my ramblings I will try to be on here more and if you guys have any ideas for me please let me know Thanks!!!!!!!


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