Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just some awsome pics

So my wonderful husband and boys ent and got me roses while i was getting my nails done the other day how sweet right and two days before FATHERS day! LOL But any way not only was it super sweet but they found RAINBOW ROSES!!!!!!!! I dont no bout u but I had never seen anything like that before. I love them I was soooo sad they would just die (which they are starting to do) :(

My boys with BUMBLE BEE!!!! Isnt that cute! They loved it thank you to whoever owns that car!

Oh and our last trip to reno we went to the disney store! They love being woody. And I love that Matthew (the little one) is leaning away from woody LOL!

some pics

So these are the peanut butter sandwich cookies I made they are awsome!!!!!! is the link to the tute I kinda fallowed.

These are the carmel girl scout cookies I made I ran out of chocolate so I used vanilla almond bark on some of them also awsome next time more carmel to coconut ratio tho. and there is the tute i semi fallowed I just used what I had on hand instead of running to the store so thats the semi fallowed part.

Heres pics of the tutus I made for the girls for their birthdays sorry bout all the bad pics I only have a camera on my phone

Oh and here is one of the little outfits I made for my neice I am very excited and with any luck when I get to c her they will fit so I can get some pics of her in them!!!!

Thanks for lookin please C&C

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I no i never write in but i do check in. I have really been working on getting my house under control and trying really hard to loose weight and of course sewing.
Im not sure that I had told you about my stars dress but i made this awsome dress out of a wonderful blue stretch material with stars all over it and I thought it was a little to dressy for everday wear and i almost never get out so I hadnt worn it yet and while the motorcycle jamboree was going on my husband and I got a babysitter and went so I wore my starts dress and I was soooo loving it and while I was there a girl actually stoped me to tell me she liked my dress!!!!! Can u believe someone I dont no going out of their way to comment on a dress I made!!!! I loved it!!!!
As for the losing weight thing I dont think you no this about me but Im fat! I try really hard and its next to immpossible for me to lose weight. I try to work out on a regular basis and I have a membership at a local hotel that has a gym and a pool. Its great but its not really like i can take the boys to workout only to swim so I dont get to work out there that often and my house is tiny so fitting exercise equipment in is almost impossible but i just got a gazelle and im excited about that so cheer me on im still workin on it!!
Oh and speaking of losing weight I love to bake!!!LOL and I have been making some awsome things mostly because i have been reading the desserts section on So I made home made cookies that taste just like carmel delights from girl scouts and some peanut butter sandwich cookies also lemon bars and all were soooo good but ya me I didnt over do it i stuck to small portions at least so far !!!LOL (I will try to get some pics of some stuff up here)
Oh and craftsters new challenge is bed sheet get up and I have many ideas but I dont think any are unique enough I have some sheets with plans of what to do with them but like I said I dont think any are good enough. I was talking to my mom about it and she said most people dont wear sheets so my ideas would be good but shes never been on craftsters LOL!!! The people on there are soooo creative!!!! Well thanks sooo much for listening to my ramblings I will try to be on here more and if you guys have any ideas for me please let me know Thanks!!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

twin dresses

So here is a pic of the simple dresses I made for my friends twin girls

New stuff

So I still havnt bothered to get my camera working but I have made some stuff Im pretty excited about. I made myself an easter dress and then I just finished another dress. I made my friends twin girls dresses. So I have at least been doing things. Im going to go try to get some pics to put up.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Its been a while

I have worked on some new stuff but still nothing I have pics of. I want to try to have this blog be something but since I am the only one reading it so far it gets a bit discouraging. Well anyway just wanted to post something to say Im still here this isn't a lost blog. If someone happens to stop by say something I would love to say hi, take any suggestions or answer questions. Thanks

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So today I thought I would post these purses I made a while back. I made them out of shorts and I got each of them on clearance for $1-$4 so not bad for purses. I gave most of them away but have a few for myself. I cant wait for more summer clearance shorts!!! P.S. If anyone would like quick instructions on how to make these I would be more than happy to let you know. You could always make them out of pants too.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I was thinkin

So here are some old projects that I can show you. My camera sucks so I hate taking pics but here are some old ones I have on my computer. Now mind you I havnt been sewing for that long and this stuff is some of the first things I made we all have to start somewhere right? So the pic above is capes I made my boys from an old t shirt. I always imagined I would put a batman symbol on them but never did.
These are capris I made from threadbangers video on haw to make shorts from a t shirt. I lve these VERY compy and stay up better than any store bought that I own. But next time I will use an unstained shirt. I used an old work shirt of my husbands for these.

My sisters b day thong (she is an underware aholic) LOL

I took an old tank I had that had funky boob pads that always folded in the wash and I could never get them strait and turned it in to a little nighty set but have never actually worn but whatever.

These are some funky little shorts I made for my boys (they have never worn them either other than for the pics) I think they would be better suited for little girls. But anyway learning processes right.

Off to shoes I have very Fat feet and It almost impossible to find dress shoes that fit so I made my own. I made tha pink with ribbon but will someday substitute with elastic like the brown and black pair fits and feels much better. Oh and they only cost about 5 bucks a pair!!!!

And now we have the first purse I ever made A jeans recon and of course I used a pair of my old jeans so its like book bag size I did change the belt strap and then gave it to my mom but it would also be a good size for a diaper bag.

I hope you enjoyed some of my earlier creations and like I said we all have to start somewhere right?

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So yesterday after I made my post I did do something other than clean I baked!! I was craving peanut butter so peanut butter cookies were the answer and when I went to my favorite peanut butter cookie recipe ( I stumbled across this recipe( and oh boy Im in LOVE!!! They are sooooo good and I love that I can make as many or as little as I want. I made 8 yesterday and NOT enough they were gone yesterday. I didnt dip them in the chocolate I just poured it on top and trust me easier and still delish!!!! So today I should have been working on the coveralls for the school or a project I have been working on for another friend but instead I made a nighty and thong from a sheet I got at the thrift store. I am very excited and lets hope when my husband gets home next week he will be too LOL ;) . I think a friend of mine is coming over tomarrow for a play date of sorts so I dont know how Im going to finish these projects I was supposed to get done this weekend. Well I hope that who ever might read this is having a good day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just blah

Today I feel pretty weird Im not in a very good mood yet I have been cleaning all day. How weird is that? I dont know whats up with me today. I havnt sewn anything yet today but I was cleaning up my fabric pile a little and came across some heating things I made a while ago which was pretty cool I need to get those fixed up so I can use them(and find a good place to keep them). I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE IN MY HOUSE!!! My house is just too small but you get what you can pay for right? Maby someday I will be able to get a bigger house. Well when I started this blog the other day I did it to talk about sewing and give some tutes not that I have ever done that but I want to help other people with their love of sewing. I thought I would throw in some of the other things I like doing like cooking and maby as I find other things I enjoy doing talk about those as well but for know no one has read this so I guess I might use it as a journal kinda as well hopefully not too personal I highly doubt anyone want to hear about those kinds of things. Well anyway I think Im really lonely today too. Gosh what to do? Back to cleaning. Fun fun.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coveralls for the school

I was asked by one of my boys teachers if I could make little micanic coverall s for the kids dramatic play area. I said sure and started them today. My first one came out pretty big but otherwise Im pretty happy with it I put snaps on for the first time and the sleaves came out really good which is awsome because its only the second time I have done sleaves and the first time I didnt have to re ajust them after putting them in Yay Me. If you cant tell Im rather excited. Once my camera starts working again I will get pics and post them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First post

Hi I'm Christina I am a mother of two little boys, a wife, a homemaker and a sew aholic. I love cooking, HATE cleaning, love my family and I am obsessed with sewing. I have never actually used a pattern I learn and get ideas online and seeing in person when I go to walmart i will spot a pattern and think I can make that so rather than buy the pattern I go home and try(that is if walmart has the type of fabric I need its the only fabric shop in town other than a quilting shop but its more expensive and only carries quilting fabric). I started this blog because I love getting ideas from other people and thought maby I could give some ideas. I would love to help someone the way some blogs and websites have helped me. Please if there is ever a comment you would like to make feel free to do so.