Sunday, December 4, 2011

Things I have done while I have been away

K so here we go and there is more but this is taking forever and I have to get the kids home and get them ready for bed so first up my sling love this thing dont mind me or the pic quality didnt realise how bad it was but then couldnt get it to deleate lol oh well it is what it is!

Next just thrown in here cause its one of my favoites of my baby girl!! Which is another thing I made while I have been gone lol

a romper made from one of my moms old scrubs

a basic wristlet but first time working with a zipper its amazing the things you can make before learning basic sewing techniques huh lol

scarf cute and warm

Again not great pics but dresses I made for my neice

another dress for my neice natalie

and one more :)

dress I made for bella im lucky i got this pic I put it on her as soon as it was done and it fit perfect by the time it came back out of the wash and was put on her she had out grown it lol babies grow way too fast!

random dress I made for myself

my first piece quilt and for my baby do u see the baby bump in the corner that thing was always in the way lol

diaper bag but i didnt end up liking it so i made another one lol ps the pink hawaiin fabric is a over the bathing suit dress i made too :)

ruffle blanket I love this thing

Hope you all enjoy and have a great nite!

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