Sunday, January 24, 2010

I was thinkin

So here are some old projects that I can show you. My camera sucks so I hate taking pics but here are some old ones I have on my computer. Now mind you I havnt been sewing for that long and this stuff is some of the first things I made we all have to start somewhere right? So the pic above is capes I made my boys from an old t shirt. I always imagined I would put a batman symbol on them but never did.
These are capris I made from threadbangers video on haw to make shorts from a t shirt. I lve these VERY compy and stay up better than any store bought that I own. But next time I will use an unstained shirt. I used an old work shirt of my husbands for these.

My sisters b day thong (she is an underware aholic) LOL

I took an old tank I had that had funky boob pads that always folded in the wash and I could never get them strait and turned it in to a little nighty set but have never actually worn but whatever.

These are some funky little shorts I made for my boys (they have never worn them either other than for the pics) I think they would be better suited for little girls. But anyway learning processes right.

Off to shoes I have very Fat feet and It almost impossible to find dress shoes that fit so I made my own. I made tha pink with ribbon but will someday substitute with elastic like the brown and black pair fits and feels much better. Oh and they only cost about 5 bucks a pair!!!!

And now we have the first purse I ever made A jeans recon and of course I used a pair of my old jeans so its like book bag size I did change the belt strap and then gave it to my mom but it would also be a good size for a diaper bag.

I hope you enjoyed some of my earlier creations and like I said we all have to start somewhere right?

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