Friday, January 22, 2010

Just blah

Today I feel pretty weird Im not in a very good mood yet I have been cleaning all day. How weird is that? I dont know whats up with me today. I havnt sewn anything yet today but I was cleaning up my fabric pile a little and came across some heating things I made a while ago which was pretty cool I need to get those fixed up so I can use them(and find a good place to keep them). I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE IN MY HOUSE!!! My house is just too small but you get what you can pay for right? Maby someday I will be able to get a bigger house. Well when I started this blog the other day I did it to talk about sewing and give some tutes not that I have ever done that but I want to help other people with their love of sewing. I thought I would throw in some of the other things I like doing like cooking and maby as I find other things I enjoy doing talk about those as well but for know no one has read this so I guess I might use it as a journal kinda as well hopefully not too personal I highly doubt anyone want to hear about those kinds of things. Well anyway I think Im really lonely today too. Gosh what to do? Back to cleaning. Fun fun.

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