Saturday, January 23, 2010


So yesterday after I made my post I did do something other than clean I baked!! I was craving peanut butter so peanut butter cookies were the answer and when I went to my favorite peanut butter cookie recipe ( I stumbled across this recipe( and oh boy Im in LOVE!!! They are sooooo good and I love that I can make as many or as little as I want. I made 8 yesterday and NOT enough they were gone yesterday. I didnt dip them in the chocolate I just poured it on top and trust me easier and still delish!!!! So today I should have been working on the coveralls for the school or a project I have been working on for another friend but instead I made a nighty and thong from a sheet I got at the thrift store. I am very excited and lets hope when my husband gets home next week he will be too LOL ;) . I think a friend of mine is coming over tomarrow for a play date of sorts so I dont know how Im going to finish these projects I was supposed to get done this weekend. Well I hope that who ever might read this is having a good day!

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